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Feel free to follow, unfollow, mute, softblock, block etc. as you please, no hard feelings.I am an adult, and I occasionally tweet nsfw content, headcanons and art. Please be responsible for your own well being.I am not spoiler free. I will try to tag spoilers for things that have a large fanbase, but don't count on it for stuff I'm reading in chinese.I am fairly open about my opinions - I think everyone is free to like/dislike whatever they please, though I always try to be respectful and project it as my opinion and not the only opinion. If you feel that my opinions, thoughts and comments are not something up you're willing to tolerate, please do unfollow/sb/block me as you please to save us both the trouble.

I have a strong preference for 1v1 main couple when it comes to danmei (with SVSSS being somewhat an anomaly), please do not come up to me with alternative ships unless I so happen to bring it up myself.If you would like to use any of my headcanons/ideas/artwork as inspiration, I appreciate if you would ask for permission/credit me! I'm more than happy to share ideas and concepts, I just expect some respect, that's all.I tend to get anxious when people reply to a lot of my tweets at the same time - happy to interact but please don't spam me!


seal | she/they | june 12 | 20↑ | bi | enfp

Languages: english, japanese, chinese (mandarin)

This is a side account dedicated to tweeting about chinese webnovels (mostly danmei, or boys love). I do have a main public twitter if you are interested in less myopic content.I love shitposting and coming up with headcanons for novels that I'm reading! Please come shitpost with me !!!! Support the agenda!!!Apart from that I also draw sometimes!I live tweet a lot and don't keep track of my threads because I don't see the purpose...apologies in advance...if you see one and it bothers you just mute it!

I've been trying to ~rekindle my roots~ with mandarin and reading some stuff in CN, so I may be ahead of English translations of some novels. I'm also dabbling in translating! Currently I'm translating Yuwu (Traces of Stain)!I really like making friends and interacting with followers so please don't be afraid to respond, though I do get a bit anxious if you respond to every single tweet (sweats


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Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

Scum Villian Self-Saving System ♡

shen qing qiu♡♡♡, luo binghe♡, liu qingge, shang qinghua

luo binghe x shen qingqiu♡♡
luo binghe x liu qingge x shen qingqiu
mobei-jun x shang qinghua

Mo Dao Zhu Shi

wei wuxian♡, jiang cheng, wen qing, jiang yanli, jin ling, lan sizhui♡, xue yang

lan wangji x wei wuxian
lan sizhui x jin ling
xue yang x xiao xingchen
xue yang x xiao xingchen x songlan

Tian Guan Ci Fu

feng xin♡, mu qing♡, he xuan

feng xin x mu qing ♡♡
hua cheng x xie lian
he xuan x shi qingxuan
shi wudu x he xuan
quan yizhen x yin yu
pei ming x yushi


Zhenhun (Guardian) ♡

zhao yunlan, shen wei, guo changcheng, da qing

zhao yunlan x shen wei
chu shuzhi x guo changcheng

Shapolang ♡

chang geng♡♡, gu yun♡, shen yi♡, chen qingxu

chang geng x gu yun♡♡
shen yi x chen qingxu

Mo Du (Silent Reading)

luo wenzhou♡♡♡, fei du ♡, tao ran, luo yiguo

luo wenzhou x fei du ♡♡

Liu Yao

yan zhengming♡, cheng qian♡, tbh the whole of fuyao sect

yan zhengming x cheng qian


lu bixing, lin jingheng, zhanlu

lu bixing x lin jingheng


Dumb husky and his White cat Shizun (2ha)

chu wanning ♡, mo ran ♡, xue meng, nangong si, ye wangxi, jiang xi

2.0 mo ran x chu wanning ♡♡
nangong si x ye wangxi
mei hanxue (elder) x xue meng
mei hanxue (younger) x jiang xi

Yuwu/Traces of Stain

mo xi ♡, gu mang ♡

mo xi x gu mang ♡


The King's Avatar

ye xiu ♡, han wenqing ♡, huang shaotian, yu wenzhou, qiao yifan, bao rongxin, su mucheng

han wenqing x ye xiu ♡
ye xiu x su mucheng
tang rou x chen guo
yu wenzhou x huang shaotian
bao rongxin x luo ji
ye xiu x qiao yifan
honestly all x ye xiu...

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